Colorado Mom Sierra Riddle Agrees To Treat Son's Cancer with Chemotherapy After Initially Choosing Medical Marijuana


Sierra Riddle, the Colorado mom who made headlines by choosing to treat her 3-year-old son’s leukemia with cannabis rather than chemotherapy, is now reportedly agreeing to chemo treatments.

As recently reported by Opposing Views, Riddle’s son Landon was diagnosed a year ago, and at the time, his prognosis didn’t look good. Once they got the diagnosis, the boy started chemotherapy treatments, but after witnessing the devastating effects it had on the boy, Riddle decided to stop chemo and turn to cannabis oil capsules.

According to both doctors and Riddle, the cannabis treatment did shrink the tumor and buy Landon time, but now doctors are insisting he undergo chemo. Riddle says that she was given two options: agree to chemotherapy, or go to court.

“It’s horrible,” says Riddle. “It’s not even a decision I got to make so I can’t say I made this decision. He’s already having some side effects, which I knew was going to be the case. There has been some vomiting and emotional issues with anger and rage; he’s not eating very well these past couple days.”

Riddle says that even though she has agreed to chemotherapy, she is still using the cannabis treatment at the same time, and is hoping that a doctor will back her in that decision.


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