Colorado Mom Laces Daughters' Smoothies With Rat Poison

Colorado woman Maria Alvarado-Gomez, 32, is behind bars this week after trying to kill her daughters by feeding them rat poison-laced smoothies. Alvarado-Gomez also drank one of the smoothies, and admitted she was trying to kill herself and her daughters.

The poisoning took place on June 30, when Alvarado-Gomez mixed an entire box of rodent poison in with smoothies and gave them to her daughters. When the girls complained that the drinks tasted bad, Alvarado-Gomez told them she’d mixed vitamins in. She and the girls proceeded to drink the smoothies and then fell ill.

One day after the poisoning, Alvarado-Gomez went to her doctor and confessed what she had done. The girls were immediately taken to the hospital and treated.

The poison used by Avarado-Gomez was brodifacoum, a compound that blocks vitamin K and prevents blood from clotting. The poison causes internal bleeding and sometimes takes days to kill a victim.

The girls were treated with vitamin K at the hospital and made a full recovery. They were then released into the custody of their father.

The dad, Martin Gonzalez, says Alvarado-Gomez is mentally ill and has been undergoing psychiatric evaluations for months. She was convinced Gonzalez wanted to run away to Mexico with their daughters.

"The girls are fine. They're playing right now," Gonzalez told 9 News. "I just want people to withhold their judgment [of Alvarado-Gomez], because she is mentally ill."

Alvarado-Gomez was charged with two counts of first-degree attempted murder and is being held at the Garfield County Jail. She has no prior criminal record.

Sources: 9 News, The Aspen Times

Image credit: The Denver Channel


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