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Colorado Man Confesses to Revenge Attack on Raccoons: ‘All Raccoons Must Die’

A Colorado man confessed to bludgeoning two raccoons with a board full of nails as revenge for the death of his cat years ago.

Richard Moller, 50, is facing two counts of animal cruelty after attacking the animals in a dumpster on Monday, CBS4 reported.

According to the police report, a witness said he heard the raccoons “screaming and moaning.”

One of the animals died and was found later in the dumpster. The other ran away injured, police said.

A witness at the scene said Moller claimed “all raccoons must die” before he fled the scene, according to court records.

According to the police report, Moller said the attack was revenge for his cat, which was killed by a raccoon years ago. He said he wanted to cause “blunt force trauma" to the animals.

One of his coworkers at a Boulder liquor store defended Moller’s character, stating that customers like him.

“He’s a good person,” the unidentified coworker told CBS4. “I just hope this doesn’t get missed in all of this, 'cause he really is a good guy.”

Moller’s bond was set at $1,000. He is schedule to appear in court Thursday.

Sources: CBS Denver, Raw Story


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