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Man Accuses 7-Eleven Store Of Poisoning Him With Cup Of Coffee

A Colorado man has been posting warning signs around his neighborhood after he consumed a cup of coffee from a Lakewood 7-Eleven.

Dave Dugan, an avid coffee drinker, believes the coffee contained a chemical cleanser called Patco 155, CBS Denver reported.

"As soon as I started drinking the coffee, all my taste buds turned numb and my lips started to burn and I had heartburn all in my chest," he told the station.

After speaking with the store’s manager, Dugan was told that the cleanser was used to clean out the coffee maker.

“He told me this had happened before and it confirmed all my worst nightmares,” Dugan said to CBS.

Another woman told CBS that she also thought their coffee did not taste good. Managers at other 7-Eleven stores said there is a three-step cleaning process that does involve Patco products.

While Dugan says he is not going to sue the company, he does want safer cleaning practices in the stores.

"How many more people that we don’t know about have been affected by this?" he asked the station.

CBS reported that a spokesman for the company said “we are investigating the matter.”

This is not the first time an incident involving coffee at a 7-Eleven store has made headlines.

An employee was in the process of being fired in March for giving away free coffee to a freezing homeless man, WCVB Boston reported. She was eventually allowed to return to work.

Sources: CBS Denver, WCVB Boston


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