Colorado Gun Control Legislators Face Recall Petitions from Gun Rights Crowd

In Colorado, gun rights activists are campaigning against four Democratic lawmakers with a recall petition. The four lawmakers in their crosshairs, which includes Senate President John Morse, weren’t particularly pivotal in the gun control debate, but they do have the misfortune of having enough pro-gun constituents to force a recall.

The National Rifle Association and grassroots organizations are rallying members of the community to gather signatures. They’re gathering support outside of grocery stores, libraries, gun shops, and in online communities. "It's as much about saying Colorado is angry as it is about getting one guy out," said Anthony Garcia, one of the recall organizers. "Legislators need to know when citizens are outraged that they can't ignore the people."

Colorado resident Joan Muir disagrees with the protestors, stating, "I live here. I'm for gun control. I don't care for guns, period, so they don't speak for all of us when they say Morse didn't listen to the people."

The lawmakers aren’t about to go down without a fight. Volunteers and aides are campaigning as fiercely as they would during any major election year, with aides creating strategic battle plans and volunteers calling up people to ask for support.

Morse is backed by a $20,000 contribution from the liberal group America Votes. Volunteers have been urging constituents not to sign petitions calling for Morse’s recall.

Morse only slightly outfunds his competitors, who have raised $14,000 to dethrone the Democratic Senate President. Laura Carno, a conservative consultant, explained that donations have poured in from across the country to help angry gun rights activists fight against Morse.

Morse lamented, "That's what's going on here. They want to take out the Senate president.”

Even if the recall efforts fail, these gun rights advocates are sending a strong message to legislators who would undoubtedly rather be enjoying their summer vacations. With such fierce opposition, these legislators will have to stay on their toes if they want to continue voting in favor of stricter gun control laws. 

Source: Fox News


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