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Elementary School Students Caught Selling Drugs

To all Colorado grandparents: keep your pot away from the kids. Four Greeley fourth-graders were found selling marijuana at school, reportedly having stolen the drugs from their grandparents.

A 10-year-old boy allegedly brought a small quantity of the herb to his school, Monfort Elementary School, and sold it to three other kids Monday.

“He sold it to three other fourth graders on the school playground, which resulted in a profit to the young man of $11,” John Gates, director of safety and security for the Greeley-Evans School District, told ABC News.

The next day the pot transactions continued, with one of the three kids who bought the pot bringing a marijuana edible to school. He gave it to the first young dealer, who took a bite. According to Gates, he didn’t suffer any side effects.

“Both of these kids took the marijuana without the consent of their grandparents,” said Gates.

The four students who took part in the exchanges will be suspended for a “significant” amount of days, Gates says, though the exact punishment has not been determined. Police were called initially, but the matter will not be pursued criminally.

“We hope to send a good message here without ruining anybody’s lives. The message we really want to get out here to the adults is, ‘for crying out loud, secure it,’” Gates said.

Some see the incident as an example of the negative consequences of legalization.

“Pot is celebrated and glorified and promoted. Kids are watching adults and this is the way adults are behaving,” Gina Carbone told The Associated Press. “Here we have 4th graders trying to make a buck off marijuana.”

Colorado officials are working on establishing regulations for THC levels in marijuana edibles, as recent instances of people becoming sick from consuming too much have raised concerns. A Wyoming college student jumped off a balcony to his death in a Denver Holiday Inn after eating an entire marijuana cookie and suffering paranoia and other adverse side effects.

Sources: ABC News, New York Daily News


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