Colorado Couple Successfully Petitions to Save Their Husky from Execution

AURORA, Co. – A year-old Siberian Husky has been sentenced to death after killing a rabbit in a backyard.

Nika, the Husky, was in her owners’ neighbor’s yard when allegedly killed the rabbit on April 23rd. Her owners, Keith and Rachel Keremes, were away on their honeymoon at the time.

On May 2nd, a City of Aurora Judge sentenced Nika to death.

Because this ruling was made a mere five days after the Keremes returned from their vacation, they were unable to get a lawyer or provide evidence before the sentenced was handed down. As such, the couple feels that they have been denied due process.

In an effort to convince the judge to revoke the ruling, the Keremes have agreed to build an additional fence that would protect the boundary of their yard and the neighbor’s. The judge, however, continues to remain steadfast in demanding the dog’s execution.

This infraction is Nika’s first offense; by sentencing Nika to death for her first offense, the City of Aurora is breaking its own law.

Now, the Colorado couple has started a petition to save their Husky, who has no violent history and is described as being “beloved” by the Keremes’ friends and family.

The dog will be kept in a “tiny cage” in the Aurora Animal Shelter until the appeal date, which could be months away. Furthermore, the couple will be charged for the time the dog is forced to spend in the shelter.

On May 5th, the jubilant couple posted on the “Save Nika” Facebook group that with the help of a “fantastic attorney” and the publicity their case had attracted, the City of Aurora has agreed to negotiate with the couple.

Nika will be sent to live with Rachel’s parents in Ohio until the couple moves out of Aurora; until that time, Nika will be moved to the much improved conditions that can be found in the Mile High Husky Rescue, where she will have more space and the couple will be able to visit her.

The couple announced that they are “closing down the gofundme.com page, claiming victory with our petition, and grateful for each and every one of you.”

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