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Officer Slams Woman In High Heels To The Ground (Video)

A police officer was recorded on April 6 slamming a woman wearing high-heeled shoes to the ground in Fort Collins, Colorado (video below).

The video, originally filmed and uploaded to Snapchat, and later posted on Instagram, shows the officer in a brief struggle with Michaella Surat before slamming her down outside the Bondi Beach Bar in Old Town Fort Collins.

The man filming the incident is heard laughing: "Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho, I got that on tape!"

Fort Collins Police Services Sgt. Dean Cunningham told KMGH that officers were called to the scene because of a dispute between two men.

According to Cunningham, the 22-year-old woman shoulder-checked an officer and a bouncer during her effort to remove her boyfriend from the scene.

Surat was told by the officers that her boyfriend had to stay, but she was free to go, Cunningham said. But Surat stayed at the scene, and police say "she physically obstructed and struck an officer."

"Officers used a standard arrest control to subdue her," Cunningham said.

After being slammed to the ground by the officer, the Colorado State University junior was charged with third-degree assault and obstructing a peace officer, noted the Coloradoan.

Fort Collins Police Chief John Hutto issued a statement on Facebook on April 9:

I have no control over the video that is already in the public domain, but I do have control over the release of the video evidence from our body worn cameras. This is an open investigation and to release evidence, absent a truly compelling reason, would not be proper.

I am committed to preserving a process that ensures a fair and impartial outcome. I am equally committed to preserving the rights of both Ms. Surat and the involved officers.

Instagram users had a range of reactions to the video:

Seems excessive.

B**** deserves that s***.

That is beyond abuse, he is not a professional at all a bully and a coward, Idiots like these make my boys look stupid. If you have a problem with my comments text me. Not cool ! Jersey city fire department retired.

Nothing more be said. Just follow request with yes sir, no sir. That's easy isn't it? a little respect goes a long way.

Sure would be nice to hear what was said and the prelude to the action we see. It also appears the guy in the foreground might have been an instigator. But then, this video is just a call for a knee jerk reaction...

Haha yeah I did, she got f****ing tossed. Damn cops haha.

I'm glad this is a reality check for all u snowflakes can't boohoo out of ur problems now if ur drunk and resisting arrest this is what happens!!! Maybe she will learn u don't fight with the cops.

I would love to find this cop out on the town one night.

I don't get what's used for people's brains these days, s*** maybe cause all I hear her saying is what did I do before being slammed first off she's a female he's a guy f*** he touching her for anyway now they mad the s*** got leaked so they saying it's more to the video...

Sources: Barstool Sports/Instagram, KMGH, Fort Collins Police Services/FacebookColoradoan / Photo credit: Fort Collins Police Services/Facebook

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