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Colorado Cop Allegedly Used Agency Resources To Stalk Woman

A Colorado police officer was fired after he was charged with using agency resources to stalk a woman at her home and her office.

Jarett Edgar Branson, 29, was fired by the Fort Collins Police Department immediately after the Larimer County District Attorney's Office charged him with stalking, first-degree criminal trespassing and official misconduct on Tuesday.

A Fort Collins woman reported inappropriate behavior from the officer, who was hired in January. A criminal investigation found Branson contacted the woman repeatedly while on duty, ABC 7 News Denver reported.

When he was arrested Branson was “very cooperative,” police spokesman and Deputy Chief Cory Christensen told The Coloradoan.

According to Christenson there was no prior relationship between the officer and the victim. "There wasn't one,” he said, but the officer “tried to initiate a relationship with her.”

Before moving to Colorado, Branson reportedly worked as an officer in Butte, Montana. He was given an award in 2011 for going above and beyond the call of duty to help victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Sources: The Coloradoan, ABC 7 News Denver

Image screenshot: ABC 7 News Denver


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