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Colorado Concealed Carry Permits Spike 87 Percent

Colorado gun permits have soared by 87 percent or more this year. Between January and June this year, the Colorado Bureau of Investigations processed 31,518 background checks for concealed carry permits. Last year, that number was only 16,886. There were a total of 18,191 background checks for CCW permits last year, which means that 2013 may have already surpassed 2012 in total permit requests.

It is clear that the numbers are on the rise, but experts cannot quite agree on what is causing the CCW spike.  

"A lot of people are concerned with what the government did [by passing gun-control laws], and they are feeling restricted," said Hillary Potter, a sociology professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She added, "It's groups spreading fear. I'm not surprised."

Richard Abramsom, the general manager of the Centennial Gun Club, believes that people are primarily motivated by a need to handle their own self-defense.

"More people are realizing they are responsible for their own protection,” he said, pointing to the fact that women-only classes have been filling up the most quickly.

University of Denver professor Jeffrey Lin disagreed with Potter and Abramsom, stating that “It is impossible to know” what could cause a spike in concealed carry permits – an odd sentiment coming from a scientist. A poll or a scientific study could quite easily determine the biggest factors motivating Colorado citizens to seek out concealed carry permits.

What is even more interesting is how people across America will respond to this dramatic spike in concealed carry permits in Colorado. Do you think that Colorado is going downhill, or are the people Colorado doing the right thing by arming themselves?

Source: Denver Post


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