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Colorado 911 Dispatcher Resigns After Failing To Report Details To Officers Before Woman Was Killed By Her Husband

The Denver, Colorado 911 dispatcher who handled a call from a woman that was killed by her husband has officially resigned.

According to reports, Kristine A. Kirk called 911 on April 14 to report that her husband was hallucinating after taking a marijuana candy and popping painkillers. Richard Kirk was allegedly rambling on about the end of the world, and Kristine, who was frightened by his behavior, called authorities.

During the call, Kristine told the 911 dispatcher that her husband was trying to get her to shoot him and that he was about to get a gun. The dispatcher failed to report those details to police officers, so after a 13-minute phone call, Kirk was shot in the head by her husband. Police arrived not long after to find the woman on the floor, and unfortunately, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Now, the dispatcher has officially resigned, although as of Friday, her bosses were drawing up termination papers. They decided not to go through with the termination, however, after receiving and accepting her resignation.

“After considering the request, the dismissal letter has been withdrawn and her resignation accepted,” said Daelene Mix of the Department of Public Safety.

The dispatcher says that on the night of the incident, she was experiencing glitches in the software, but an investigation uncovered that the dispatcher wrote down the details of the incident and forwarded them to the officer’s laptops rather than relay them over the phone. The officers were driving when they received the notes, so they were unable to read them, and unfortunately for Kirk, they didn’t arrive quickly enough.

As for Richard Kirk, he is currently in jail facing first-degree murder charges. Police say that the couple’s young children may have witnessed the brutal murder.


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