Colombian Women's Cycling Team Sports Bizarre, Attention-Grabbing Uniform

A strange new uniform kit for a Colombian women’s cycling team is catching people’s attention around the internet. The kit is predominantly red and yellow, but features a large nude-colored section around the midsection and groin.

People can’t seem to decide if the kit is bizarre, sexist, feminist or something else altogether. One thing is clear, though: the kit is made to attract attention.

Here’s a picture of it:

Image placeholder title

Twitter user @Ultimo_km1 posted the photo with an appropriate question:

“Not sure what to make of the Colombian women’s cycling team’s gear – sexist or feminist?” she wrote.

Most people agree that the uniform failed to achieve whatever purpose it hoped to. This article from Metro closes with a quote saying the uniform is a complete fashion disaster, and this article by  the Guardian calls it a “naked crime of fashion.” This article from Opposing Views thinks the designer was trying way too hard to get a little attention.

Sources: Metro, The Guardian


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