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College Students Sign Petition to Require Helmets for Walking (Video)

The conspiracy website recently filmed one of their female employees asking college students on the University of Texas campus to sign a petition requiring people to wear helmets while walking.

The fictional “Compelled Helmet Use for Misfortunate Public" petition was to call on the City of Austin to enforce mandatory helmet usage, notes (video below).

A female student, who was walking while texting, agreed to sign the petition and added, "Oh perfect, yeah, that's great."

While one man signs the petition, a female friend asks him, "You want to make everyone wear helmets?" He answers, "These dummies need to wear helmets."

The fake petitioner tells several people that the petition is in the spirit of a town in New Jersey, which fines people for walking and texting.

That part is actually true.

Earlier this year, Fort Lee, N.J. banned texting while walking. Offenders are issued an $85 ticket by police.

“It’s a big distraction. Pedestrians aren’t watching where they are going and they are not aware,” Chief Thomas Ripoli, of the Fort Lee Police Department, told ABC News.

Sources: ABC News and

(Petition part starts at 2 minute mark)


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