College Students Demand California Teach Sexual Consent To Kindergartners


College student activists are calling for children from kindergarten to high school to be educated on sexual consent by the State of California.

The group Concerned Students of San Diego State University posted some "demands" on its Facebook page on Dec. 9, which included, "We recommend consent education in K­-12. College is too late for people to learn about bodily autonomy and respect.”

The "demands" were supported by student activists at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara and San Diego State.

"[Students] get to universities and we expect them to behave like they’re supposed to without any prior understanding of what consent looks like," Meghan Warner, UC Berkeley student and director of the Associated Students of the University of California Sexual Assault Commission, told The Huffington Post.

"Consent is not just for intercourse," added Warner. "It’s for all aspects of our lives, and people aren't understanding or being taught that. It's better to focus on everybody, not just the few who attend universities."

"Concerned parents might think we’re talking about consent in purely sexual context, when really we’re talking on a day-to-day basis," said Alejandra Melgoza, a Take Back the Night coordinator at UC Santa Barbara. "We have to start from very simple things, and that’s how we get to big things."

"Sex ed in California, and everywhere else, is really bad," stated Warner. "If we can’t even get basic, accurate sex ed in schools, I'm assuming getting consent education won’t be easy. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to fight for it."

However, some folks believe kindergarten is too early to be teaching sexual consent.

"I think kindergarten is too young for that," Aaron Fulcher, a student at UC Santa Barbara, told Campus Reform. "Kids that age shouldn't be exposed to material like that."

"A lot of sex ed can be either biased or incorrect, so with that kind of misinformation, it could be pretty damaging to a seven-year-old and their views on sex and relationships later in life," added Fulcher.

Sources: Campus Reform, The Huffington Post, Facebook
Image Credit: Tobias Muller


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