College Students Cannot Explain Independence Day (Video)


College students who are running up massive amounts of debt or spending their parents' money to get a better education would likely know what the Fourth of July is about.

At least, that's the assumption, unless its Vista, California.

The YouTube Channel "Whatever" asked some college students in Vista about the meaning of Independence Day on Thursday, notes (video below).

Very few of the young adults interviewed had any idea what the Fourth of July represents beyond drinking beer, having sex and "doing whatever the f--- you want," according to one girl.

When asked when America celebrated its independence, one young man answers: "When George Washington lost his virginity."

Other students had trouble stating how many stars are on the American flag, although one managed to sneak in the answer "50" before changing it to "51."

If these college students represent the future of America, it might be a good idea to buy a one-way ticket to anywhere else.



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