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College Students Aware of Justin Bieber's Arrest, Not State of the Union Address (Video)

Dan Joseph, of the conservative Media Research Center (MRC), recently asked students at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. what they knew about Justin Bieber's Miami Beach arrest and President Obama's State of the Union Address this week.

Amazingly, few students were even aware of the State of the Union Address, but all of them were up to date on Bieber's legal problems, notes the MRC (video below).

First, Joseph asked the students what Bieber was arrested for, and most knew it was DUI and drag racing, but then he asked them about a "big political speech last night," but most of the students couldn't name it.

A few students did know it was the State of the Union address, but could not say what President Obama talked about.

“I go to George Mason pretty frequently for these types of videos but this trip was more depressing than usual,” Joseph recently told Campus Reform. “Typically there are at least a few students that I talk to that are informed and knowledgeable on the news item that I'm asking about."

"But this time, there was only one guy who had actually watched the speech," added Joseph. "Everyone else either didn't know that the State of Union address had actually occurred or had heard about it but didn't have any idea what issues the president spoke about.”

Sources: MRC and Campus Reform


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