College Students Arrested for Photo of 'Dog Keg Stand'


Two State University of New York at Brockport students were recently arrested in connection to a picture of a dog being held over a keg of beer.

Shane Oliver and Robert Yates were charged with animal cruelty, in part based on a picture that was tweeted from @SUNYPartyStories, reports

In the controversial picture, a Labrador Retriever is held upside upside down over a beer keg with the caption “Keg stands n Bits!”

@SUNYPartyStories also taunted the media with tweets such as:

Any news reporter that thinks a dog posed doing a keg stand is a worthy story needs to reconsider their career.

We're not defending the picture, just saying MUCH more important things happening in the world. Y'all are too thirsty for a flashy headline.

The tweet of the dog, Mya, was deleted, but Syracuse police investigated the incident and arrested the students, noted

Mya is reportedly being cared for at a local animal shelter.

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