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College Student Suspended After Asking Connecticut Governor About Gun Laws (Video)

Asnuntuck Community College student Nicholas Saucier tried to interview Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy about the state's gun control laws on Oct. 23, 2013.

According to The Daily Caller, Malloy had just finished speaking at a forum on campus when Saucier followed him through some buildings and outside to his car.

Saucier's interview (video below) shows him telling Malloy that he started his own business "making ammunition" for guns.

Saucier explains how he spent his "life savings" buying equipment, but because of recent "legislation," his work has been "outsourced to another state."

Saucier says this is because his ammunition was made for the PTR, a type of semi-automatic rifle.

"My job is to make people safe," replies Malloy. "So it's always a balancing act between safety and other things."

As Malloy gets into his car, Saucier says, "Yeah, you're a snake."

The video later shows ACC President James Lombella and a campus security guard walking Saucier off the Enfield, Conn. campus.

According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, ACC suspended Saucier and charged him with harassment, threats, and failure to “demonstrate good citizenship.”

The ACC reportedly refused to review Saucier’s videos and banned recordings from the November 2013 hearing regarding his case.

After the ACC found Saucier guilty, his suspension was lifted, but he was placed on probation. He was warned that any more violations would mean suspension or expulsion.

“This case stands as a startling example of what can happen when disrespect for student First Amendment rights is combined with disregard for student due process rights,” Peter Bonilla, director of FIRE’s Individual Rights Defense Program, wrote in a Jan. 13 letter to the school. “ACC’s myriad violations of Nicholas Saucier’s rights, effective rewriting of its conduct procedures, and failure to rectify its errors should give all Americans great concern.”

FIRE is calling on ACC to reverse its disciplinary actions against Saucier.

Sources: FIRE and The Daily Caller


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