College Student Sentenced to 9 Months in Prison for Slapping Woman in Face with Penis


In September, a British college student was sentenced to nine months in jail after he slapped a sleeping woman in the face with his penis.

John Luke Dale, who was studying criminology at Nottingham Trent, was at a house party in 2013 when he drunkenly stripped down to his briefs.

The 21-year-old then proceeded to shove his flaccid penis into the face of a sleeping young woman.

NY Daily News reports that a friend caught the incident on camera; the friend showed it to a workmate, who in turn called the cops.

In September, Dale confessed to sexual assault and was jailed for nine months.

This week, three top judges at the Court of Appeal rejected his plea for a more lenient sentence.

“One can see in stark form the distress caused to the victim of this offense and the continuing nature of it,” said Judge Alistair McCreath. “The sentence which the judge imposed cannot possibly be wrong in principle.”

In a victim impact statement, the unidentified victim said the incident made her feel “violated” and that she was “petrified” the clip would spread.

“It makes me think that it could still be out there in someone’s possession and that anyone could have it,” she said.

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Photo Sources: Nottingham Post, Becuo


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