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College Student Sent To Prison For Knockout Game Attacks

Dillon P. Destefano, 20, will spend the next four years in prison after injuring three people in “Knockout Game” assaults, the Boston Herald reports.

Destefano was convicted this week of punching at least three people at random on the campus of Endicott College in Massachusetts. One victim suffered a broken jaw and had to have his mouth wired shut for weeks. The second victim had his eye socket smashed, and the third was fortunate enough to suffer only a bruised lip.

Prosecutors say Destefano was drunk on the day he carried out the assaults. He allegedly told numerous witnesses he would hurt them if they reported him to authorities.

In court this week, Essex District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett condemned Destefano’s violent behavior.

“These were unprovoked, random attacks on unsuspecting victims and will never be tolerated,” Blodgett said.

Destefano will now spend four years in jail followed by three years of probation. He must also undergo a mental health evaluation and help his victims pay for their medical expenses from the attacks. 


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