College Student Dies While Train Hopping With Boyfriend (Photos)

College Student Dies While Train Hopping With Boyfriend (Photos) Promo Image

A Pennsylvania woman was killed on Sept. 3 while attempting to hop onto a moving train.

Lindsey Michaels, 21, and her partner, whose name has not been disclosed, were jumping trains in Pittsburgh when the accident happened, reports the Daily Mail.

Michaels, a student at Carlow University, was fatally dragged beneath two trains.

Her boyfriend was transported to the hospital to be treated for an ankle injury.

"The train, moving 130 cars loaded with coal, was traveling at about 3 to 4 mph through this area and then began to pick up speed," said Jon Glass, spokesman for Norfolk Southern railroad. "The train crew did not see anyone trying to jump on the train and was not aware that anyone might have been hit."

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"They literally loved each other so much," said Danielle Levato, a classmate of the couple. "They were together for a long time so you just ... I know how much she loved him and the other way around. I feel really bad for him and nobody should have to go through that no matter how long they were together."

Another friend, Lexy Mercurie, reminisced about her relationship with Michaels. "We were just always really good friends," she said. "I was like a couple streets down. I walked to her house every day. It was like the same routine all the time. She always just lived in the moment and she always wanted to have fun. I don't think they expected anything like that to ever happen, you know?"

Sofia Papageorge also remembered Michaels fondly, reports WTAE. "You just think a million things. The same thing could have happened to me that happened to Lindsey. It could have been me instead of her. I could have stopped the whole thing from happening."

Michaels' mother believes the tragic accident may have been alcohol-induced, explaining that the couple had been drinking alcohol during the day, but added that neither of them were "big drinkers."

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She said the young couple went to the Pitt game, took a nap at her home, attended a cookout there, and then went to go train hopping.

She described her daughter as a "good kid" who was studying biology in college.

"The Carlow University community extends its deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Carlow junior Lindsey Michaels, who died last night in a tragic accident on the South Side," said the college in a statement read. "We mourn her loss. Information about a memorial service on campus will be forthcoming. Our thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones."

The practice of "freighthopping" reached its height of popularity during the Great Depression, when homeless "hobos" rode the rails as their primary means of transportation, observes the website Urban Ghosts.

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