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Student Allegedly Poisons Roommate With Toilet Water

Student Allegedly Poisons Roommate With Toilet Water Promo Image

A Tennessee college student has been arrested after allegedly filling her roommate's water bottles with water from the toilet.

Tierni Williams' roommate said she began suffering from unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite and diarrhea over the course of several weeks, WZTV reported. The Tennessee State University student couldn't figure out why until she saw Williams' Snapchat videos.

In the videos, Williams is seen using a plastic foam cup to transfer water from the toilet into her roommate's water bottles. She is heard laughing and saying, "the b***h is gonna get sick from this," and "this is some nasty s**t."

Williams was arrested and charged with adulteration of food, liquid or pharmaceutical causing bodily injury on Oct. 17, the Nashville Patch reported. The Class C felony could carry a prison sentence of three to six years.

Williams' bail was set at $7,500. She has since been released. No court date has been set at this time, WTVF reports.

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Dr. William Schaffner said the toilet water probably caused the victim's diarrhea.

"The toilet water would possibly cause the sort of infection that might cause a diarrhea illness," Schaffner, who is the infectious disease director at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told WTVF. "The water that goes into the toilet is municipal water and is very clean, but the flush doesn't remove absolutely everything and there could be residual bacteria or viruses left in the bowl of the toilet."

"I would think it's more yucky than seriously harmful," Schaffner added.

Representatives at the university have since issued a statement on the incident. They did not confirm whether Williams will be subjected to any disciplinary action by the school, but said it is a possibility.

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"Due to federal and state student privacy laws, we cannot comment on the specific matter involving Tennessee State University student Tierni Williams," the statement read. "In general, students who engage in conduct that may violate criminal laws and implicate the University’s Student Conduct Code will be subject to the University’s student disciplinary process, including sanctions ranging from immediate 'interim suspension' to expulsion from the University."

Some social media users were outraged by Williams' alleged actions. Some called for the student to be removed from the university.

"Kick her out of the dorms and maybe even out of school," wrote one Facebook user on WKRN-TV's page. "TSU better take that seriously- especially if they placed the girls together, may be some shared liability if she reported prior problems and was still forced to live with this chick."

"Should be attempted murder," wrote another. "This girl could still have health issues. Hepatitis a,b, or c. Sepsis, and any contagious organism from the human body."

"Either it was just a prank or it was personal," commented another. "Either way, that isn't funny and is wrong."

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