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Student Arrested For Bringing Guns To Campus

Student Arrested For Bringing Guns To Campus Promo Image

A Pennsylvania man was arrested after he reportedly brought weapons to Marywood University in Scranton.

Marywood student Alexander Barowski, 28, was arrested after police found a disassembled semi-automatic rifle in his truck along with another gun, body armor, and 200 rounds of ammunition, WPVI reports.

According to another student, Barowski had showed the gun in his waistband on Oct. 4, and had been having a difficult experience at the university.

Barowski, an Army National Guardsman, had a permit to carry a firearm, but guns are not allowed on the university's campus, according to WBRE/WYOU. The man is reported to have said that he was taking medication for depression and anxiety and said he had suicidal thoughts but was not intending to harm anyone.

A student told police that Barowski said that other students had been "pissing him off" recently. The student became concerned for the safety of other students at the school and told staff, who alerted campus security.

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Police responded to an Oct. 4 call about a man at the university's Center for Natural and Health Sciences.

Officers evacuated staff and students from the building before finding Barowski inside his vehicle in a parking lot. He said he hadn't intended to harm others, but admitted he "made a poor choice" in bringing the weapons to campus.

Barowski was charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault, reckless endangerment and possession of unlawful body armor after the incident, reports The Scranton Times-Tribune.

The situation was reported to have been resolved within five to seven minutes, and an alert was sent to students telling them it had been resolved. The alert only went out after the resolution because it had been handled so quickly, said Juneann Greco, a Marywood University spokesperson. The fact that the alert only went out after the situation was over troubled some students, who said they should have been told sooner.

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Junior Alexis Ivosevic said she was inside the building as the police response was happening. She ran from the building, and said she didn't receive the alert about the incident until around 20 minutes later, telling students that the situation was resolved.

"It was scary," she said. "I would want to know something was happening, maybe not specifics, but just that something is happening and what to do."

Greco acknowledged that students could have been notified about the situation quicker, but praised police and campus security for their speedy response to the situation.

"We understand that even five to seven minutes is a very long time when you don't know what's going on," said the spokeswoman. "Going forward, we have every intention of modifying our protocol."

Later that evening, the university tweeted a message explaining what had happened.

Authorities took Barowski to Lackawanna County Courthouse for processing.

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