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College Sophomore Arrested And Charged After Randomly Assaulting Three Peers

A sophomore at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts was arrested and charged after sucker punching three other random students in the face last week.

19-year-old Dillon Destefano, a New Jersey native, reportedly perpetrated the random attacks with two other friends by his side. Two of the victims of the attacks were severely injured and actually required surgery.

“It was three assaults within an hour and he didn’t even know them, the students,” said Endicott College president Richard Wylie. “It was just a random act of violence.”

Destefano was apprehended not long after the attacks happened after students reported that he was bragging around campus. The two friends that were with Destefano turned themselves into police, and a short time later, Destefano was apprehended.

Some reports are saying that the random attacks were a part of the “knockout game,” but that hasn’t been confirmed. The two students that were with Destefano at the time of the attacks were not charged with any crime, but were suspended from school.


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