College Professor Laura Curry Arrested for Swearing at Pro-Life Display (Video)


University of Buffalo professor Laura Curry recently cursed at a pro-life display set up by 'UB Students for Life,' and as a result she ended up getting arrested (video below).

Police told Curry not to use profanity, which made her angrier. The incident was recorded by a student's cell phone, reports

“Where does it say I can’t use the f*ck word in public,” Curry asked police. “I can swear because that’s part of my vocabulary. That’s part of my First Amendment rights.”

"I can swear in public because [pro-life display] is profane. That image is swearing to me."

Even though the cell phone is pointed low, it does not appear that Curry was interfering with anyone standing or walking by, but rather defending what she believed are her First Amendment rights to the police.

After Curry said, "That is f*cking profane,” she was arrested.

As she was marched away by police, Curry said: "Would you let my class know, I'm under arrest."

"Laura Curry was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. She is an adjunct instructor of media study. She is entitled to due process under the law," John Della Contrada, Assistant Vice President for Media Relations at University of Buffalo, told

"As a public university, it is a fundamental value of UB that all members of the campus community and their invited guests have a right to peacefully express their views... This includes the right of protesters to oppose the views or opinions of others, but not in such a way as to limit or prevent the speaker's freedom of expression or interfere with university operations."

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