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College Professor Immediately Fired After Uttering These 2 Words

College Professor Immediately Fired After Uttering These 2 Words Promo Image

A tenured professor was fired from her position recently after she reportedly used a curse word in her class.

Teresa Buchanan, a former associate professor of education at Louisiana State University, was terminated from her job in June after she allegedly said “f*** no” in class, reports The Nation. She also allegedly used a slang term for a vagina to describe a coward and made jokes about the lack of sex in long-term relationships.

She told reporters she did not recall saying the slang term to anyone. She said if she did though, it would have been in regards to how teachers should handle an angry parent saying, “If a parent is very angry and says, ‘You need to do a better job, you little p****,’ you need to know how to react. I wasn’t calling anybody that word.”

The educator had been working at the school for 20 years when the incident occurred. She taught early childhood education and had started a training program for elementary school teachers, reports Jezebel.

Although a faculty committee found no evidence the words were “systematically directed at any individual,” it believed she ultimately created a “hostile learning environment.”

The committee advised she should be allowed to keep her job so as long as she stopped using the offending words saying, “The stress already inflicted on Dr. Buchanan by the hearing process itself is seen as an adequate punishment, given the nature and apparent infrequency of the noted behaviors.”

The school administration decided to fire her despite the committee’s recommendation, citing her actions as sexual harassment.

She told reporters she plans to pursue legal actions against the school for her termination.

“The occasional use of profanity is not sexual harassment,” Buchanan said. “Nor is the occasional frank discussion of issues related to sexuality, particularly when done in the context of teaching specific issues related to sexuality.”

She continued saying, “If the curriculum is f****** awful, I might say that it is. I’m not teaching Sunday school.”

Source: JezebelThe Nation

Photo Credit: Teresa Buchanan via The Nation


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