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College Professor Charged For Falsely Claiming To Be Racially Profiled By Officer

A Connecticut college professor was arrested and charged last week for allegedly making false claims of being racially profiled by an officer. 

A month after a traffic stop in which she received a ticket, 62-year-old Minati Roychoudhuri of Storrs, Connecticut, sent a letter to the Commission of Public Safety, “alleging she was stopped and issued the infraction based up on the illegal practice of racial profiling,” state police said.

Shortly after receiving Roychoudhuri’s letter, which was sent June 8 in regards to the May 9 citation for failure to drive in the established lane, an internal investigation was launched, according to Hartford Courant. Thanks to the dashboard camera in the officer’s cruiser, officials were able to determine the Capital Community College professor’s claims to be false.  

In her letter, Roychoudhuri stated the officer who had pulled her over asked if she could speak English, which she claimed, “shows that he had racially profiled me.” 

“I am a Professor in English at Capital Community College, I teach about diversity and the negative impact of racial profiling,” Roychoudhuri wrote in the letter. “I have now become a target of the same insidious behavior!”

Roychoudhuri also claimed that the officer was not able to provide her with a “concrete reason” for pulling her over.

When the audio of the conversation between Roychoudhuri and the trooper was reviewed, it showed that Roychoudhuri had never been asked whether she spoke English. The audio also revealed that the trooper had clearly explained to Roychoudhuri why she was stopped, FOX CT reported.

During a June 15 interview regarding the letter, Roychoudhuri continued to make the same allegations and signed a statement acknowledging that it is a crime to make any claims that she doesn’t believe to be true in an effort to mislead a public servant.

According to Trooper First Class Kelly Grant, the investigation concluded that Roychoudhuri’s statement did not match the recordings captured on the trooper’s dashboard camera, Hartford Courant reported. Grant added that the internal investigation cleared the trooper in question.

“She persisted and insisted that the trooper did all these things and made all these comments, not realizing that there was a dashboard cam,” Grant said.

Roychoudhuri turned herself in Tuesday and was charged with one count of making a false statement to police in the second degree, according to police. She was released on a $1,000 non-surety bond, according to Hartford Courant. She is scheduled to appear in Hartford Superior Court on August 14 for the charge. 

Source: FOX CT, Hartford Courant, NBC Connecticut

Photo credit: Capital Community College,


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