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College Professor Accused of Anti-Republican Rant in Class (Video)

Michigan State University (MSU) professor William S. Penn reportedly began the school year last Thursday by telling students how “old Republicans” have "raped this country," opposed student aid for college and have engaged in voter suppression in North and South Carolina.

Professor Penn allegedly made some unflattering remarks about Mitt Romney and his wife Ann, by asking students who would want to marry her.

When contacted by the conservative website Campus Reform on Tuesday, Professor Penn would not confirm or deny that it was him in the recording, which was given to Campus Reform by a student who remains anonymous.

In the video (below), Professor Penn allegedly said: “If you go to the Republican convention in Florida, you see all of the old Republicans with the dead skin cells washing off them. They are cheap. They don't want to pay taxes because they have already raped this country and gotten everything out of it they possibly could. They don't want to pay for your tuition because who are you? Well, to me you are somebody.”

Republicans have opposed lowering interest rates on student loans, noted ABC News, and the GOP has also sought to cut Pell college tuition grants, reported Bloomberg News.

Professor Penn reportedly addressed a student who was not happy with his statements: “You can frown if you want. You look like you are frowning. Are you frowning?”

Later in the video, Professor Penn allegedly stated that Republicans are trying suppress voting, which some Republicans have admitted themselves, noted The Daily Beast. According to The Nation, North Carolina recently passed a strict voter suppression law.

“This country still is full of closet racists. What do you think is going on in South Carolina and North Carolina. Voter suppression. Its about getting black people not to vote. Why? Because black people tend to vote Democratic," says a voice, reportedly belonging to Professor Penn.

“Why would would Republicans want to do it? Because Republicans are not a majority in this country anymore. They are a bunch of dead white people. Or dying white people.”  

Kent Cassella, an MSU spokesman, stated in an email to Campus Reform: "At MSU it is important the classroom environment is conducive to a free exchange of ideas and is respectful of the opinions of others. MSU is thankful we’ve been made aware of the situation. We will be looking into it."

Sources: Campus Reform, ABC News, Bloomberg News, The Daily Beast, The Nation


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