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College President Carjacked After Allegedly Meeting Two Women For Sex

Matt McEnany, president of Keiser University’s Daytona Beach campus, was allegedly meeting two women for sex when he was carjacked Sunday.

The 60-year-old has been suspended from his post pending a full investigation of the incident.

“I had two supposedly friends of mine needed a ride,” McEnany told a 911 dispatcher, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal. “I pulled up here and I got out of the car and some black guy jumped me. He throws me down to the ground and starts kicking me and the two girls and the guy get in to my car and take off with it, my wallet, everything.”

He told police that he had met the girls, who were identified only as “Luscious” and “Brittany,” several months ago when their car broke down. He claimed he was picking them up from their grandmothers’ houses.

“I was picking up these two girls because they needed a ride somewhere,” he responded when asked by the dispatcher if he was giving the women a ride.

But according to Police Chief Mike Chitwood, McEnany “had every intention of having a rendezvous with these women.”

“As a matter of fact you could call it a sexual rendezvous,” Chitwood added.

The president’s 2011 Toyota was stolen in the incident. It was later recovered in the parking lot of Halifax Health Medical Center.

As well as his car and wallet, McEnany lost $100 from his pocket, which he said he had in order to pay a bill, Fox News reported.

McEnany has not been charged with a crime, but police have refused to release a written statement he provided to them, citing an ongoing investigation.

Kelli Lane, associate vice chancellor of The Media and Public Relations Department at Keiser University, said that McEnany had been suspended until a “thorough and comprehensive” investigation was conducted. Lane added that the college was working with the police, the News Journal reported.

Sources: Daytona Beach News Journal, Fox News / Photo credit: Fox News


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