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College Lecturer Accused Of Hitting Uber Driver During N-Word Rant (Video)

Chiddi Stober, a history teacher in Rockdale County, Georgia, works as a driver for ride-hailing service, Uber, on the side.

Stober (pictured) claims one of his customers, a lecturer at Kennesaw State University, recently screamed racist insults and assaulted him during a ride in Dunwoody, Georgia.

“It was just getting from bad to worse and that's when I knew I had to call 911,” Stober told WSB-TV (video below).

During Stober's 911 call, a voice is heard in the background using the n-word and making racist references to slavery.

“I couldn’t understand why, why a person who doesn’t even know me could be using such kind of language,” Stober added.

The lecturer's lawyer, Jill Polster, said in a statement, "He is deeply ashamed and sorry for the derogatory language he used towards Mr. Stober during the episode."

Stober wants charges pressed against the customer and police are investigating the incident, notes

The rider has been "permanently banned" from Uber rides by the company.

Sources: WSB-TV,
Image Credit: WSB-TV Screenshot


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