College Football Players Accused of Smearing Money With Feces at Restaurant


Three football players from Ball State University in Indiana were reportedly questioned by police after one minor tried to tip a waitress at Brothers Bar & Grill with two dollar bills that were covered in fecal matter.

Three of the six players whom police say were “subjects that were allegedly causing the problems” at the restaurant were identified as defensive back Darius Conaway, defensive lineman Kennan Noel and linebacker Nicholas Isaacs. The teen suspect who allegedly put feces on the money was only 17 and has not been publicly identified.

The suspect reportedly got up to use the bathroom after the waitress handed the players a check in a black folder, reports Ball State Daily. When he returned, he reportedly placed money into the folder. The waitress says the suspect laughed as she picked up the check and that she smelled a “foul odor.” She told police two of the bills were covered in a brown substance, which she later realized was fecal matter.

Police obtained footage from a surveillance video that reportedly corroborates the waitress’ account.

When cops arrived at the scene, the suspect was still there. He was charged with battery with bodily waste and taken to Delaware County Juvenile Probation Center, where he was later released to the custody of his legal guardian.

Joseph Hernandez, a spokesperson for the Ball State football team, had the following to say about the incident: “We … find the alleged actions deplorable. We are continuing to collect information on the matter and will refrain from further judgment until then.”

Meanwhile, Conaway – who was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and illegal consumption of alcohol by minor, was reportedly suspended for two games.

Source: Ball State Daily

Photo Source: Dan 4th Nicholas/Flickr, Ian Duncan/Flickr


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