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PETA's Latest Target: College Fishing Teams

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By Joe Taksel

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is the first of several colleges whose president has been asked by PETA to eliminate the school's fishing team.

We know what you're asking yourself: "There are actually enough boys on several college campuses trying to compensate for their below-the-belt shortcomings to start fishing teams?" Of course, they must be compensating for something.

After all, why else would they participate in a "sport" in which you handle a long rod and take out your aggressions on animals who are about a hundredth of your size—in this case by tearing through their mouths with hooks and watching them thrash about and slowly suffocate, just as you would if you were in their element?

Wondering how you measure up when it comes to rod vs. rod? Take this 10-second online poll to find out.


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