"Cold Water Challenge" Takes The Life Of A 16-Year-Old Student (Video)

A disturbing new trend among teenagers is called the “cold water challenge,” and authorities are warning that this activity could have fatal consequences.

Davis Colley, a 16-year-old Minnesota high school student, was found dead in a lake after attempting the challenge in which one runs into a freezing cold body of water. Just prior to attempting the new game, Colley, who was by himself, texted his girlfriend to let her know what he was going to give it a try. The challenge was originally intended to raise awareness for cancer charities, but now, authorities are warning people of the dangerous consequences that could occur.

"It just shows you how fragile human life is,” said Colley’s friend Steven Smith. “That you gotta [sic] be careful.”

Many people are attempting the “cold water challenge” and putting up videos on the Internet as part of an attempt to raise money, but in Colley’s case, although the intention behind it was good, the act itself wound up ending his life.

Nicole Dizon, an administrator at New Trier High School in Illinois, says that some of their students have tried the latest online trend and have suffered injuries as a result.

"We know about a fractured ankle, a student who had to get stitches to the head and some minor sprains and injuries," said Dizon. "The main thing is, if you're jumping into the lake, the lake is murky. You're not sure how deep it is. There can be rocks and other things in the lake and at this time of year, the lifeguards aren't on duty. This seemed like a fun, harmless thing to do and we understand that, but we also know going into the lake at this time of year is something that can be dangerous.”

Despite the fact that teens are sustaining injuries and one has even died as a result of the dangerous new trend, some say they know students will continue to try it anyway.

"Students will do it," said high school student Ryan Madlener, "there's no doubt in my mind. It's a trend and when things are trending, you can't stop it."

Authorities are still investigating 16-year-old Colley’s tragic death.


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