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Cold War-Era "Area 51" Photos Released

So it turns out Area 51 exists after all. The CIA has released photos from the 1950s and 60s of the Nevada base which still does not officially exist.

The photos are part of a television show on National Geographic Channel called "Area 51 Declassified."

The never-before-seen photos include a titanium A-12 spy-plane prototype from the late 1950s (above), as well as photos from a "catastrophic" 1963 crash of an A-12 based out of Area 51. National Geographic said a "rapid government cover-up" removed all traces of the crash at the time.

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Area 51 was created so that the U.S. government could pursue cutting-edge aeronautical projects during the Cold War without anybody knowing. Of course, many conspiracy theorists say the base is really the home for alien space ships that have crash-landed on Earth over the years. The CIA did not release any of those alleged photos.

Photograph from Roadrunners Internationale via Pangloss Films


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