Cold War Bomb Shelter Or Potential Man-Cave on Sale for Just $500K


A Cold War bomb shelter in South Florida went up for sale for a mere $499,500 recently. The real estate broker handling the Ft. Pierce property said the concrete structure was built to “withstand the big blast."

“It’s something out of an old Japanese Godzilla movie,” said Hoyt C. Murphy, Jr.

The place is a fixer-upper, according to the Daily Mail. Suffering vandalism and falling into disrepair since the 1980s, Murphy thinks it can be repurposed by a “pretty creative person with some pretty deep pockets.”

“We’ve called it the ultimate man cave,” Murphy told ABC News.

Located on the Florida Turnpike, the 7,700 square foot structure was originally built by AT&T in 1967 to maintain communications and serve as shelter in the event of a catastrophe. The Cuban Missile Crisis in Oct. 1962 occurred just 100 miles away.

After six months on the market, Murphy said the property is just now getting attention. He called the partially above ground bunker with 30-inch thick walls the most unique property he has handled in 30 years in the industry.

“You mow your roof with a tractor…You could even build another house on top of it,” said Murphy.

Original plans for the shelter showed 200-kilowatt generators, air-intake tunnels, a ventilation system, and decontamination showers.

The realtor showed the property to a group called the South Florida Survivalist Network. Another potential buyer contacted Murphy about using it as antique car storage. One sought the help of an architect about converting the structure into a residential home.

"It will be interesting to see who buys the space," Murphy said.

(ABC, Daily Mail)


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