Coffin Unearthed, Slides Down Hill In ‘Freak Accident’ (Video)

A casket at a Washington cemetery was unearthed and sent sailing down a hill in a small landslide on Friday.

The CEO of Fairmont Memorial Park in Spokane, Denny York, called it a “freak accident.”

The landslide took a vault 12 feet downhill with a coffin inside.

Only one gravesite was affected and it was not seriously damaged.

Five other headstones were just a few feet from the edge of the landslide, but staff said they will be staying put.

"It is sad. But you know, when you got pipes and irrigation and stuff like that. We've had a lot of rain and weird weather … nothing is really surprising me much," witness Rosie Deal told KREM-TV.

Sources: USA TodayWUSA9

Image screenshot: USA Today


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