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Coffee Shop Faces Big Backlash After Fat Shaming Customer

A Washington coffee shop featuring bikini-clad baristas is facing scrutiny after severely bullying a dissatisfied customer online.

The customer, Jessica Cladek, orginally posted on Facebook complaining about poor service her aunt received at the shop, called Sips Ahoy. In her critical message, Cladek called Sips Ahoy a “run down whore house.”

Obviously, that’s not the most civil way to start a conversation. But most are in agreement that the responses of Sips Ahoy owner Meghan Calavan and her father were unwarranted at best.

"She's a huge fat b---- that no one would want to see in a bikini. She is just jealous of you beautiful fine lady's!!. She looks like a fat pugsly Addams!!! (sic)," Calvan’s father wrote.

Calavan followed her father’s insults with a number of her own.

"She's just jealous cause she's fat and ugly and always will be. She's gross lol look at her pictures. Her arms are the size of my thigh lollololol...She's training to be a sumo wrestler...Your worthless save world hunger by shooting yourself :) the rest of the world would like to eat also."

In response, angry followers have started a Boycott Sips Ahoy page that has attracted over 16,000 followers.

"I beg people please stay away from the coffee stand and don't resort yourself to stooping to their immature level by sending them hate messages,” the page reads. “This page is for the community and public comments for you to speak up about bullying. And to let the public know that it won't be tolerated in our town ... Please treat others as you would want to be treated.”

Calavan and her father now report that their cars have been vandalized and their houses have been egged since the incident. The coffee shop’s facebook page has been deleted from the web.

Megan Calavan now admits that she went too far in her comments and says she learned an important lesson in “keeping her mouth shut.”

“I stuck up for myself in an immature manner, I know” she said.

Sources: New York Daily News, ABC


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