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Cody Wilson: World's First 100 Percent 3D Printed Handgun Mere Weeks Away

Cody Wilson, a champion of the 3D printed gun movement and founder of Defense Distributed, announced that his organization is only weeks away from manufacturing the world’s first fully 3D printed handgun.

So far, Wilson and other gun rights advocates have been hard at work figuring out how to make 3D printed gun parts. They’ve been able to manufacture critical components with varying degrees of success, but nobody has come close to creating a fully functional gun entirely from 3D printing technology.

Wilson stated that this “has been the idea since day one.”

A fully 3D printed gun has been an inevitability ever since the invention of the first 3D printer, and that milestone is finally on the horizon. The only question that remains is just how effective these plastic firearms will be. Guns that use 3D printed parts frequently break or jam after they’ve been fired. A handgun that is 100% plastic will naturally leave people skeptical over its reliability.

Wilson, however, is confident in his design. He suggested that these guns won’t fall apart after a few shots, though he hasn’t released enough details to verify that claim.

Once the design is perfected, anybody with access to a 3D printer will be able to create an unlimited supply of fully functional handguns.

This would undoubtedly have major implications for the gun control debate. Freely available blueprints would make it easier than ever for people to get their hands on guns – guns that would be much harder to detect without any metal parts.

Somewhat ironically, gun rights advocates might also have reason to feel nervous about 3D printed guns. These new guns could deal a crippling economic blow to big-name gun manufacturers like Colt and Glock. Similarly, the legal issues that arise from 3D printed guns could lead to an influx of stricter gun control laws. New York Representative Steve Israel is already at work trying to make 3D printed guns illegal.

Regardless, Cody Wilson is charging ahead. Depending on what Defense Distributed does over the next several weeks, Wilson may very well permanently and fundamentally alter the gun control debate. 

Source: Venture Beat


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