Cockfight Ends in Shootout Between ex-Councilman Emilio Go and Retired Police Officer in Cebo

A dispute over whose rooster won a cockfight in Talisay City became as violent as the cockpit itself, according to a May 26 report by the Inquirer News.

The incident occurred after a cockfight in Bulacao, Talisay City, in southern Cebu, which is among the most developed provinces in the Philippines. Talisay City is part of a metropolitan area known as Metro Cebu, with a population of over 200,000.

Former member of the Talisay town council, Emilio Go, ended up with gunshot wounds in his neck and abdomen and Junrey Larayos, his companion, was shot in the stomach during a heated argument with retired police officer Ulyses Desamparado, after a referee made a decision in a cockfight.

According to the police investigation report, Go and the suspect’s brother, Buenafe, had pitted their gamefowl against each other at an outdoor cockfight which was held as part of the fiestas in a small village. .After a short battle between the birds, the referee declared Buenafe’s fighting cock as the winner.

Emilio Go protested the decision, saying it should have been a draw, since both roosters died.

The bets placed on the fight amounted to P12,600 (about $300), police said, and Go refused to pay Buenafe.

Retired police officer Ulyses Desamparado arrived at that point and approached Go. An argument between the two men began and quickly escalated. Go’s companion, Larayos, entered the frey and hit Buenafe with his fist.

Ulyses and Go each drew out guns and an old-fashioned shootout ensued. Apparently the politicians were no match in marksmanship for the police officer, who escaped without harm. Go was rushed to the Chong Hua hospital while Larayos was taken to the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City. .

The Talisay City police arrested Ulyses and recovered a .45 caliber pistol from him.

No gun was recovered from Go’s possession but there were witnesses who said they saw him fire shots during the confrontation, said Mikie Espina of the Talisay City police.

Police said Go and Ulyses will each be subjected to paraffin tests, in which a paraffin cast of the hand of a person suspected of firing a gun is made. The case is then subjected to chemical analysis to determine the presence of powder particles.

There was no indication of what charges might be considered for either man.

Source: Inquirer


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