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Cocker Spaniel Saves Baby From Crawling Into The Sea In Turkey (VIDEO)

A Turkish dog is being recognized as a hero this week after a video of the pooch rushing to stop a baby from crawling into the surf off of Kabak Koyu beach was posted to the Internet. During the clip, a woman is throwing a ball for the cocker spaniel while her child crawls around in the sand.

At some point, the child begins rushing towards the water, prompting the dog to abandon the ball game and run in a mad dash to put its body between the baby and the waves.

Moments later, the child's mother runs to scoop up the adventurous youngster, The Huffington Post reported.

One commenter wrote, "Face it. Dogs are better than humans."

Other commenters have called the video a fake. “Who's the dumbo with the camera? Fake!” wrote one person. “Staged…” wrote another.

One user rebuffed them. “All those with negative comments about what the mother did wrong and what the video person did wrong........ Piss off!” wrote ThePostal67.  “You probably never had children since you don't know which end they come out of. Your lucky star is Ur-anus! My children have gotten hurt because of a moments of distraction, so now it is a crime..? Hell, what do you people think of 40,000 people dying every year on the highways.. ? Instead of being amazed at the dog's actions, you want to throw the first stone..”

The rescue video is below:

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