Coca-Cola Criticized For New Milk Product's 'Sexist' Advertising Campaign (Photos)


An advertising campaign for Cola-Cola’s new milk product has garnered negative feedback from users on social media because, as many claim, it promotes sexism.

Fairlife milk is set to hit store shelves this month, but the company’s choice to promote their product by showing naked women dripping in milk made to look like clothing has many people outraged.

The advertisements feature women mimicking iconic poses from the past, such as Marilyn Monroe’s famous skirt rising moment, but all the women are nude, with only milk covering them up in the shape of a garment. Fairlife milk claims that it is healthier than average milk, with 50 percent more protein and half the sugar of average milk, but many people seem to be unimpressed and unable to look past the apparent sexism of their marketing strategy.

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“In case you missed: ads for Coke's new milk brand show nude women, covered in milk, being weighed. #everydaysexism,” wrote Twitter user Dan Barker, according to the Daily Mail.

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“Sexist rubbish throwback advertising from Coca-Cola for milk...keep the 70s in the 70s!” wrote peeved Twitter user Rebel Girl UK.

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The company doesn’t appear to have responded to the criticism, but they have spoken about their new product and have expressed their excitement for the future of this high-end milk.

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“We’ll charge twice as much for it as the milk we’re used to buying,” said Coke’s global chief customer officer Sandy Douglas, according to the Daily Mail. “It's basically the premiumization of milk.”

Do you think Coca-Cola’s new advertising campaign for Fairlife milk is sexist?

Sources:Daily Mail, Yahoo News, Daily Caller / Photo Source: Daily Mail 


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