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Cobra With Two Heads Found In China

A snake breeder in southern China made an incredible discovery 10 days ago.

The man, known publicly as Mr. Huang, found a two-headed cobra on his snake farm in Yulin, China, reports the Daily Mail.

The mutant snake is still living and growing, although it does not eat or drink water on its own and may suffer further health issues.

Huang, who spotted the oddity while checking on his snakes, gave the cobra to Nanning Zoo, hoping it could take better care of it. The snake will stay at the zoo with specialists who hope to prolong its life.

Each head has its own brain, and they work independently from the other. Each head tries to move in the standard snake S shape, but they often collide into a fighting stance, reports Inquisitr.

Although having two heads, a condition called polycephaly, is much more common for snakes than other species, most with the condition only live a few months, as they often attack, kill or swallow each other.

Experts are currently more worried about the 8-inch cobra’s high risk for infection than any violent tendencies.

“The snake has been alive for 10 days now and has been with us for two, during which time it has already changed its skin once,” said Nanning zookeeper Li Keqi. “But even though the snake is stable condition now, there is no way of telling whether it will be able to live on, as it still does not eat or drink water.”

The zookeepers hope the unusual reptile will be able to fight off infection as well as learn to feed itself, as this will significantly increase its chances of survival.

If the cobra makes it into adulthood, it could grow to be nearly 4 feet long.

While most polycephalic snakes are doomed to short lives, there is hope for the tiny, clumsy cobra: one two-headed rat snake famously lived for 20 years.

Sources: Daily Mail, Inquisitr / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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