Italian Coal Miner Scams The System And Collects Full Pension After Not Working For 35 Years


An Italian coal miner called out of work sick for 35 years straight claiming that he was claustrophobic, and now, he’s been able to retire and collect a full pension.

In 1980, Carlo Cani started working as a coal miner, and over nearly 35 years, he was able to put in barely any work because, as he claimed, he was claustrophobic. Cani says that as soon as he started the job, he realized that he didn’t like it, so for years, he did everything he could to avoid working at all.

In addition to claiming claustrophobia, Cani claimed at various times that he suffered from hemorrhoids, amnesia, a fake infection, and a number of other ailments in order to not go to work. Instead, reports say that Cani stayed home most days and “listened to jazz.”

Even though he hardly put in a day’s work at the mine, Cani was still technically employed full time, and years later, he was able to retire with a full pension.

“I reached the pensionable age without hardly ever working. I hated being underground,” Cani said. “Right from the start, I had no affinity for coal. I invented everything – amnesia, pains, hemorrhoids, I used to lurch around as if I was drunk. I bumped my thumb on a wall and obviously you can't work with a swollen thumb. Other times I would rub coal dust into my eyes. I just didn't like the work – being a miner was not the job for me.”

After retiring in 2006 on a full pension, Cani is now coming forward and admitting that he took advantage of the system. Although this may be shocking, his story is just one of many, painting a bigger picture of the problem with loopholes in Italy’s legal system.

Reports say that many locals are furious after hearing about how Cani took advantage of the system.

“People 'round here are absolutely furious about this – to think that someone could skive off work for so long and still get his pension. He even seems to be proud of that fact,” said resident Carlo Cani, who just happens to have the same name as the one in question, to The Telegraph. “It’s shameful. This is a poor region and there is no work. All the young people are leaving and moving to England and Germany.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Daily Beast, The Telegraph


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