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Coal Is Not Clean. Period.

Videos of the TVA Coal Ash Spill

If you
haven't had a chance to see any video of the TVA coal ash spill in
Tennessee, there is a lot out there to look through. Today this latest
footage from Appalachian Voices came to my email, and I wanted to share
it. App Voices and many other organizations have been taking water and
soil samples for testing. This latest video from App Voices shows them
on the water getting samples, which is interesting because they show
some processes - but the most shocking part comes at the end, when they
reveal the coal-filled stomach of a catfish they pull out for testing.

is their second water and soil testing video. Their first one got a lot
of attention because they were paddling through the waste on the river
and you see some very up close shots of what the river looks like now.
I've posted that video here too.

So take a look and be shocked - and know that there are many more of these coal sludge impoundments across the U.S.Coal is not clean. Period.


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