Co-Workers Discover They're Long-Lost Brothers and Go On To Find Two Half Sisters

Two coworkers in Maine were in shock after discovering that they were actually long-lost brothers separated at birth.

Randy Joubert and Gary Nisbet were both working as delivery drivers for Dow Furniture Store in Waldoboro, Maine when other coworkers started commenting on how similar they looked. The two thought nothing of it at first, but after a while, both became curious.

One day, after working at the furniture store for several months, Joubert said, “something clicked with me,” and he started asking Nisbet questions. Joubert was cautious about coming off as “weird” when talking to Nisbet, but he was able to ask his coworker if he was adopted, what year he was born, and if he knew the names of his birth parents. Not long before, Joubert had found out the name of his birth parents and was also told that he had a brother that was born in 1974.

It turned out that the two both had the same birth parents, Wilfred and Joan Pomroy, and they were in fact brothers.

"I went home and I just dropped," said Nisbet. "I thought, 'I think I have a brother.'"

The two men’s story became the talk of the town, and just after this discovery, another huge twist happened. A woman came to the furniture store with her birth certificate and said she believed she was their half sister. As it turns out, she was.

Joanne Campbell, along with her newly discovered half brothers Randy and Gary, appeared on NBC’s The Today Show to share their story, and while on the air, Campbell revealed that they had one more sibling that wasn’t accounted for in the hopes that she would be watching. As fate would have it, that sister was watching, and she actually already knew Joanne.

Kathleen Cooper had gone to the same high school as Joanne, and at one point while in school, she asked Joanne, who was a year older, if they were sisters since they looked so much alike. Joanne denied it, but it was revealed all those years later that she actually knew Kathleen was her sister all along.

So when Kathleen was watching The Today Show, she immediately recognized Joanne from being in school 25 years earlier.

“I said, ‘That’s Joanne,’ ” said Cooper. “I always knew that was my sister. I just knew it.”

All four siblings were able to reunite, and it’s reported that they all have a tight relationship today.


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