CNN's Chris Cuomo Repeatedly Asks Amanda Knox About Her Sex Life (Video)

Amanda Knox was portrayed as a sexual deviant back in 2007 by the media in Italy and by a prosecutor who was trying to prove Knox had murdered her roommate, Meredith Kercher.

It was even alleged during the trial that Knox's supposed motivation for murder was Kercher's refusal to be part of an orgy, however, this claim has never been proven.

During an interview today, CNN's Chris Cuomo repeatedly demanded that Knox answer his numerous questions about her sex life based upon the Italian prosecutor's unproven claims (video below).

To justify his creepy line of questioning, Cuomo announced: "Hey, we gotta get to what it is."

According to ThinkProgress.org, Cuomo's questions included:

"Were you into deviant sex? Insensitive question, but hey, we gotta get to what it is. This fuels the doubt. Were you into that kind of experimentation?"

"That’s the theory. Knox is into some freaky sexual things. She tried to pull in Meredith, who was a staid, buttoned-up Brit, she wasn’t into it, and it went wrong…That was in the discussion of the judges, yes?"

"Where are they getting that from? Did you have any type of experimental activities that you’re embarrassed to talk about? That they know about?"

Knox consistently denied Cuomo's questions and informed the highly-paid journalist of some basic facts about the case: "They didn’t get it from me, and they didn’t get it from witnesses. It literally came from the prosecution."

"And this is what I’ve been up against this entire time. This fact that the prosecution was projecting onto what happened their own theories about young women and women who are…I was sexually active. I was not sexually deviant."

Later, after being slammed on Gawker.com, Cuomo tried to defend his bizarre questioning by tweeting: "It wasn't ez to see and Amanda deal with some of what is put against her but I feel she answered everything well and she wan't given a pass."

Cuomo later tweeted: "I can't opine on thots of Knox or her guilt. I tested her answers. U judge them. I do wish it was in US. If so may have gone very diff."

Sources: Twitter, Gawker.com, ThinkProgress.org


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