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CNN's Anderson Cooper and Supposed Boyfriend to Adopt Haitian Orphan

CNN's Anderson Cooper has been so moved by the suffering that he's seen in Haiti that he is reportedly going to adopt a a Haitian orphan. The National Enquirerreports exclusively:

The silver-haired journalist and his hunky boyfriend, Ben Maisani, plan to raise the child together in their recently purchased home, a former firehouse they're renovating in New York's West Village, pals say.

It is important to point out that while there have long been whispers about Cooper's sexuality, he has never publicly stated his preference.

Cooper's reporting from Port-au-Prince made headlines itself, when he protected an injured child from looters. A friend told the Enquirer:

"The death and destruction in Haiti made Anderson realize what's really important. He and Ben have decided to become dads. Ben has been the best thing that's ever happened to Anderson. They both feel they're ready for a baby."

Except for a brief New York Post report last year that hinted at Cooper being gay, this Enquirer report is the first one that comes out and says it. Although the report does not state it explicitly, it is written as if it is assumed that Cooper is gay.


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