CNN Reporter Under Fire While Reporting From Ukraine (Video)

CNN reporter Reza Sayah and his TV crew jumped to the ground when they heard gunfire while reporting this weekend that pro-Russian separatists were trying to take over the Donetsk airport in Ukraine.

Sayah said that he and his crew were about 250 yards from the airport when shots suddenly fired (video below).

According to CBC News, the Ukrainians and the pro-Russian separatists recently violated the ceasefire that both sides agreed to on Sept 5. Residents in Donetsk have gone months without running water because of the fighting.

CNN reports that "grad missiles" were fired by the pro-Russian separatists.

"Okay, we're going to leave the location because it's much too dangerous," Sayah says later in his report. "It's almost impossible to figure out who started the shooting."

After hearing more artillery fire, Sayah hits the ground again and says, "This conflict is far from over."

Sources: CBC News, CNN


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