CNN Reporter Calls Israelis Who Cheered On Missile Strikes 'Scum'


CNN international correspondent Diana Magnay came under fire on Thursday after she called a group of Israelis cheering on action against Gaza “scum”.

“Israelis on hill above Sderot cheer as bombs land on #gaza; threaten to ‘destroy our car if I say a word wrong’. Scum,” Magnay tweeted.

Although Magnay quickly deleted the controversial post, the Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams managed to capture a screenshot.

The tweet came after Magnay watched a scene from the border overlooking Gaza, where missiles were striking Hamas positions.

“It is an astonishing, macabre and awful thing to watch this display of fire in the air,” Magnay said.

Thousands of Israel Defense Force troops launched amphibious, air and ground incursions into Gaza after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered military action to stop rockets being fired.

The Israel Defense Forces assault was followed by a response of Hamas militants who fired rockets at Tel Aviv and promised “dreadful consequences” for Israel after the invasion.

The IDF attacks followed a brief truce after an appeal from Washington and a suggestion for Israel to protect more civilian lives.

Magnay has remained silent since her controversial tweet on Thursday.

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Sources: The Blaze, DailyMail


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