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CNN Host Don Lemon Pushed Around by Police in Ferguson (Video)

CNN host Don Lemon was pushed around today in Ferguson, Missouri, by the St. Louis County police who have made headlines before over their abuse of the media.

Lemon was reporting live for CNN's "The Situation Room," when he was pushed backwards by an unidentified police officer (video below).

"I think we're about to be arrested because we're standing on the sidewalk," stated Lemon, according to Talking Points Memo.

"That's what's happening here," Lemon added. "People are here. And they are standing, you can see what's happening. We've been standing here all day. They told us to come here. I can't move. I'm not resisting a police officer. I'm being pushed back.

“Now you see why people are so upset here,” said Lemon. “Because we have been here all day. They moved us here and told us this is our location. And they’re doing the same thing to the people. So, we’re on national television. Imagine what they’re doing [to] people when you don’t see on national television, the ones who don’t have a voice like we do. People here are feeling like they are occupied on their streets. They are intimidated by police officers."

When Lemon asked a police officer why they were being moved, the officer told the CNN host that he would have to ask a commander. Lemon asked another police officer the same question and he responded, "Traffic concerns.”

“But you understand everybody has been standing here all day,” Lemon asked, but the cop didn't reply.

Lemon then stated, "So I think from my perspective here, the police actually created the traffic situation and the situation that's going on."

In an interview with today, Lemon said, "Well, from what I had seen on the air reporting it from the anchor desk and all of the things that I had seen, I was a bit concerned about coming to a really unsafe situation. Not that I have a false sense of security, but I have not felt unsafe, until last night, was the first time I’ve really felt unsafe since I’ve been here."

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